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Pryvent for Business

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False positives will happen from time to time. Our system will never contact the authorities automatically. With our self monitoring system, the customer gets a phone notification and they can call the cops if needed. With our live monitoring, our staff get the footage that caused the alert and review it. They only call the cops if they see a clear threat.

Our monitoring staff do not have access to your cameras. They only receive a short clip of an incident to review it.

When our system detects that someone has put an item from the shelf, straight into their pockets, you get alerted and can deal with the situation according to your companies  rules and guidelines. If a repeat shoplifter enters your store, our facial recognition system will notify you that they are there.

Absolutely not! Our staff does not normally have access to your device. The only time we can access your device is when a threat has been detected.

Our device will never call the cops automatically. 

We have support for RTSP and several popular camera brands. If your camera system is not supported, then contact us and we will try to add support for your camera as soon as we can.

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