Cutting Edge Live Burglary and Theft Prevention

Pryvent is an A.I. monitoring system for homes and businesses to pryvent theft and violence by notifying authorities within a few seconds of detection.

Protection for your business

Commercial burglaries and shoplifting can result in heavy financial losses. We aim to minimize this loss by using advanced, preventive security measures and fast communication with authorities

Protection for your Home

When residents are home, 26% of home burglaries end in injuries. Our intrusion detection system stops burglaries quickly and sends authorities to the scene as soon as possible.
What we do

We know how to protect your property

When you are on premise, our weapon detection protects you against armed attack, when you are off premise, our intrusion detection protects your property from break-ins.

Why Choose Us

Our business is protecting yours

Gone are the days when the police are alerted after the fact. With pryvent, the police get alerted immediately and will on the way as soon as possible.

360 Protection

Our AI never sleeps. It protects your property without the need for a panic button.


Our Engineers have years of professional experience in AI and security.

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